Top 12 Ceiling Fan Ideas To Keep You Cool

In the present times, when modern homes have outshone the traditional ones, there’s always a scope of décor choices which reflect your style. You put in so many things and accessories to deck up your comfort zone – your space in every sense. As you infuse your favorite elements in the décor, you could also address the ceiling fan which comes in almost every finish, colour, style and design these days.
With the technical innovation paving its way, ceiling fans are not just limited to plain, basic designs but have gone through a lot of advancements in terms of shape, design, finish, colours and technology too. Now you get fans with lights, with different number of blades, with remote control, with bluetooth connectivity and so on. If you’re looking for a pleasant change in your home décor, given here are top 12 ceiling fan ideas which will let you cool off in style!
Qite - A stylish fan which is infused with the perfect blend of technology and artistic design.  Available in the colour options of white honey, white dusk and white slate, the Qite boasts of state-of-the-art aesthetics and unique designer blades to complement your décor. The ceiling fan offers superior performance even at a low voltage to keep you cool.
Dasher Prime - This fan features an elegant design with availability in colour options of pearl white stone, pearl white wood, and pearl white granite. It’s painstakingly made to perform well and offer amazing air delivery even at a low voltage.
Robusta - Another marvel by Standard Electricals, the Robusta is an amazing ceiling fan which features bi-colour finish in electroplated shades. Its embellished base remains stationary even when the fan rotates. Its unique blades offer superior air delivery. The Robusta is available in the colour choice of antique copper black nickle, antique gold brushed nickle, and black nickle brushed nickle.
Tryo - Available in the colour choices of pearl white baby blue, pearl white slate and pearl white blush, the Tryo is a premium designer ceiling fan which offers amazing air-delivery at a low voltage too. Its aesthetic styling makes it stand apart from others and is worth every penny spent.
Dasher Jazz - If you want a visual treat, Dasher Jazz is the just right match. With state-of-the-art aesthetics and styling, this ceiling fan has got the stylish looks to match with your interiors. Available in pearl white stone, metal black silver, gold mist dusk and wine red silver, the Dasher Jazz offers best-in-class air delivery and superior performance even at a low voltage.
Stellar - Adore this performance driven ceiling fan in the colour options of pearl brown bronze DT, pearl ivory, pearl white and silver blue, the Stellar abides by the aesthetics along with stylish looks. It offers amazing performance even at a low voltage.
Cruiser - It is another masterpiece from the house of Standard Electricals. It features unique designer blades for superior corner to corner air flow. Its premium looks are worthy enough to match your modern décor in every sense. Its super speed allows best-in-class air delivery!
Glister - It’s an amazing ceiling fan which has got exotic rich look and modern design with decorative trims on motor, blades and canopy. Available in the colour options of matte dusk gold, aqua sapphire, pearl ivory, pearl white and sapphire, the Glister features unique parallel blades for superior air delivery and a robust motor to perform even at a low voltage.
Aspire - Find this stylish fan in the colour choice of mist sparkle brown, nickel silver oasis green, pastel brown and silver pearl white, and choose what complements your room. It comprises of unique designer blades which allow corner to corner air flow.
Evoke - If you want something absolutely classy, then Evoke will meet your expectations. Its vintage electroplated finish renders a touch of elegance to this brilliant masterpiece. Along with contemporary LED underlight which can be detached, the Evoke is remote controlled for the total comfort. It is available in the color options of brushed nickel and antique brass.
Ananta - Available in the colour choice of pearl black and chrome white, the Ananta boasts of contemporary aesthetics with glossy blade finish. It has got an optional smart LED kit of 15 watt. It features remote comtrolled operations for speed & light. The Ananta has five stylish ABS blades for absolutely noiseless operation.

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