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Research & Development

The task of this centre is to provide the theoretical & experimental foundations for all segments of electrical engineering. The centre closely cooperates with the various departments so as to provide the best and the latest in terms of technology and design. The group has also decided to dedicate 2% of it’s turnover towords R&D

research development

STANDARD has evolved radically since the time of its establishment. Thanks to its continuous research and development (R&D), the company strives hard to deliver innovative and efficient products to the consumers. Its R&D centers are equipped with high quality CAD/CAM machines for the entire stage of design and development, while the R&D team works incessantly to create new products with high reliability and safety to meet the requirements of various segments of customers. Besides its expertise in LT Switchgear, STANDARD’s entry in the consumer products segment of Fans and Water Heaters is a testimony to the fact that the company continues to expand as a preferred brand by the masses. At STANDARD, the R&D and BD teams are currently working on various new product categories which will be unveiled soon.

  • Quality

    commitment quantity

    Our endeavour is to satisfy the ever changing needs of the clients without compromising on quality. We have always known that to gain a good share in the market we must have satisfied customers with minimal complaints. And we know that the only way to achieve this is by employing the best men and the best machines, to develop products in keeping with the highest standards, globally.

    We have always set up the most modern, global-scale manufacturing facilities to ensure that we offer world-class products to our consumers, because we take customer delight to be the final measure of quality.

    Our manufacturing units are ISO 9001-2000 certified & products boast of quality certifications from various domestic and renowned international bodies such as UL, CE, CSA, KEMA and VDE as per IEC standards.

  • safety matters

    Safety Matters

    Overload, crowded wiring, short circuits and all kinds of interruptions in electric supply can lead to devastating losses least of them being financial

    Electricity is an inseparable part of our daily lifestyle. In residential & industrial sectors there are myriad systems, equipments and sophisticated appliances that depend on electrical energy. Uncontrolled electrical power can be extremely dangerous.