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【home loans credit scores 】 "Master Will's Wind Spirit swordsmanship is more subtle than my Water Dance. Wind Spirit is more suitable for Arya to learn. It is female swordsmanship in itself. My task of teaching Arya is completed, and it is meaningless to stay , war is not my favorite thing, I want to go to White Harbor from here, to meet those old Braavos friends in White Harbor." 。

Moat Cailin, border of the North and the Riverlands. Easy to defend but difficult to attack, it is a checkpoint in the Neck Marsh.

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Seemingly aware of Chu Shaoyan's change, Starscream smiled and said, "Honey, don't worry, the show has just started." While speaking, she slightly twisted her body, and her whole body was entangled like a snake. on the other side.

Why is it too late? Chu Shaoyan was stunned.

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"Your Majesty, I agree with Madam Melisandre's suggestion." Onion Knight Davos came, "If Your Majesty thinks that Bran is still young, His Majesty can adopt Bran as his adopted son and take him with him. In two or three years In 2009, Bran remained infatuated and became proficient in all kinds of skills, so he could officially canonize Bran as the youngest Kingsguard in history."
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Only ten minutes later, Starscream left Ye Jinlong's subordinates behind; Starscream also reported the timely situation of the Sanlian Association in Harbor City to Chu Shaoyan.
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Tyrion watched this ten-thousand-year-long history evolve in front of him without blinking his eyes. The magic of interpreting this period of continental history with sky-blue lake water belongs only to the aboriginal children of the forest.
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Suddenly hearing someone calling his name, Tang Hu subconsciously turned his head and glanced at the policeman with a very cold expression.
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Cold sweat broke out on the foreheads of the remaining four people. In their eyes, Chu Shaoyan was not a human being at all, he was simply synonymous with the devil! After joining the club for so long, they have never seen someone who can fight like Chu Shaoyan!
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"Enemy attack! Enemy attack!"
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In the laughter of the crowd, the hunting dog was surprised to find that none of his clothes were ignited by the fire, his beard and hair were all undamaged, he turned over and stood up, walking barefoot in the flames, the flames had no burning temperature, everything It all seemed weird and ridiculous.
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"Abao, do it well. Dongying Ryukyu Mansion is no better than other places. After this incident, you don't have so many worries and opponents here, and the follow-up danger will be much smaller." Chu Shaoyan said Squeeze out the cigarette butt.
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