mortgage recording tax
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【buy a house without a mortgage 】 Unexpectedly, Goddess Huading was angry with the voice of "Miss", she lightly pulled her ear and said, "Who do you call Miss? How can you make a difference! Hmph, give me a special name - Zetian, you know?" 。

However, when the net was pulled to the third responsibility area of Yongan District, Luo Xiaogang, the criminal investigation team leader of the third responsibility area, suddenly stepped forward and drove away all the policemen operating within his jurisdiction.

"Don't talk about these useless things, while the company is still there, hurry to sue them and get the money back."

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There are a lot of people, and someone is directing. Chu Shaoyan sneered, and then repeated the same trick, breaking the bulkhead and going into another room.
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The doctor was also dumbfounded, and quickly grabbed Ma Bilian and sent her to the hospital.
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The fat man was furious, put the phone in his pocket, and then threw the lighter at Zhan Bigao!
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"Sister Lingjiao, you are so beautiful!" Liang Youshuang couldn't help admiring.
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The rock man's breath became heavier and heavier, making the three girls feel uneasy: Will he pounce on him like a wild beast? Didn't Lan Lan say before that the big tonic tonight is safe? Why is brother Shaoyan like a wild beast in a state of fever and madness?
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Especially Yan's father and Yan's mother, the mood at the moment is the same as Wang Lei's. After eating hot pot, it seems that they have found a treasure.
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