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As if sensing his doubts, An Ran raised the corners of her mouth slightly, and smiled like a spring breeze: "As long as you want, you can also be the father of Demon God Bo Xun." ... is making 4 small loan payments a month rather than one large one beneficial

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"We... are saved!" .

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Teng Zijing snorted again. ...

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The person who spoke has not yet crossed the catastrophe and became a fairy, but his breath of life is younger than others, and his talent is equally astonishing in terms of age.

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"Yeah, I usually rely on my magic weapon when I fight, and you know that most of my magic weapons can move by themselves, so it doesn't take much effort to activate them."

Could it be said that he didn't actually expose it? !

"That is to say, the chaser is not this fairy beast?" An Ran turned her head and asked.

After figuring this out, the expressions of the two golden fairies changed drastically.

Old Taoist Nan Guo muttered a few words, then looked over his head in distress.

"The innate god born of the immortal way..."

Could it be that he has thoroughly implemented his functions and touched him in front of his host?

However, the more you observe carefully, the more you will find that this young scholar is like a piece of exquisite gemstone. I feel good about it!

"It's really unlikely, then you mean..."

An Ran squinted her eyes full of doubts: "I've already made such a big commotion...why hasn't Wu Xian Wang come out yet?" .

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In the face of the powerful immortals emerging endlessly in the fairy world, the only thing he can rely on... I am afraid that is only the illusion that he is proud of! .

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