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After a while, the evil spirit breathed a sigh of relief: "Feixiantai...give it to me..." .

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But in the past year, even An Ran, who is willing to be a salted fish, feels an inexplicable urgency. ...

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Facing them was the majestic study of the City Lord's Mansion.

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At this moment, Elder Xuanxin suddenly felt a terrifying force of suction and withdrawal from the distant void.

Taoist Fei Ling went straight to the top of the Twenty-Five Peak, but soon, his brows frowned again: "This kid... isn't there?"

After everyone listened, the commotion became somewhat smaller.

I thought everything was going smoothly, but after arriving at Feixiantai, various situations frequently occurred.

He even killed the Ling family, if the Tiandaoyuan still greeted them with a smile, then there is a real problem.

An Ran's face darkened again.

Just at this moment, An Ran's voice came over: "Elder Xuanxin, you..."

An Ran understood.

The first time he came to the twenty-five peaks, he noticed her and Yu Xiaoyao's snooping, and found their real bodies in an instant!

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He took a deep breath and comforted himself from the bottom of his heart: "Even though he has a fairy weapon in his hand, after all, his cultivation base is too low and his reaction is too slow. It was because of his mental calculations and unintentional actions that the city lord was accidentally recruited. Now, I am the one with the initiative!" .

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