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Behind An Ran's head, a hint of helplessness appeared on Bai Di's expressionless face. .

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Under normal circumstances, the Tianyin Realm will be destroyed with the fusion of the two realms. Although there will be some waves, these waves will be swallowed by larger waves and become part of the shock of the birth of the new universe! ...

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"Mr. An, before the concubine came to visit you, the descendant of the Xiantian Palace had already taken the initiative to look for it."

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However, the impact of the previous battle was too great and the impression was too deep, so that even if he just glanced at An Ran, he would unconsciously have a terrible feeling of suffocation as if he was looking up at the mountain and the holy mountain was pressing down on the top!

"So that's the case, no wonder... no wonder!"

Is this the legendary Feng Shui turn?

"Why don't you dare?"

As the young lord of a country, his residence is much simpler than ordinary people imagined. There are not many fancy decorations, and more are various fairy artifacts and formations to strengthen his cultivation achievements.

If he hadn't been reminded by the lord, and he checked carefully again and again, he would never have noticed the clue!

It is true that seeing the figure in white once brought hope to everyone.

"Hey, no, this information interface actually has a second page...Let me see, let me see..."

The figure of the mysterious girl who suddenly appeared gradually faded away and turned into the appearance of a brain, with countless lightning jumps on the surface. It was not the real thunder, but the result of extremely active thinking!

The junction of Immortal World and Taikoo Forbidden Zone. .

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But in her mouth, Gu Ming Shaozun didn't seem to be that important. .

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