how do i get my credit report updated
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【credit score when buying a car 】 Chu Shaoyan smiled calmly and nodded slightly: "There is already a lot of evidence, just waiting for an opportunity, and there is still an opportunity. I believe that there will be results within the next few months, and these ghosts and ghosts in Jiangcheng's political and business circles will not last long time!" 。

Chu Shaoyan tentatively asked: "Then what is the relationship between your second sister and your eldest brother-in-law?"

Once, that blue butterfly and that dancing white butterfly passed by Chu Shaoyan's eyes. Kill this traitor woman, and use her blood to pay homage to those beautiful lives who were harmed by her.

"What should we do now?" Zidie asked a little confused.

Luo Yun said with a strong nasal voice: "Yes."

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Just as he took ten steps, there was a booming sound behind him. Chu Shaoyan turned his head to look, but saw a few huge boulders falling from the sky and landed near the entrance of the cave, blocking the entrance of the cave!
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After the Luo case and the Lin case were dealt with together, a certain clue soon went to Ningcheng. After the decision of the special case team, Shu Lihong and Chu Shaoyan led the fifth criminal investigation team to Ningcheng immediately. It also cooperated with the Ningcheng Bureau to carry out special operations against gangsters, confiscating local prohibited weapons, detonators and explosives.
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Xu Jia said with a smile: "According to Vice Governor Chen, he still has the idea of swallowing Huading Group, a famous enterprise in Jiangcheng! It's just that it's not a lion opening its mouth, but swallowing it mouthful!"
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"Ah—pervert, help!" At this moment, there was a scream from behind.
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According to the information provided by Song Yingjie, it can be concluded that Jiang Shaoyun is just Lin Bangjie's henchman. It is the plan of "Shao Shaoyan".
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Chu Shaoyan smiled lightly, and stroked her hair slightly: "She is a poisonous snake by your side."
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"Haven't you been collecting evidence?" Li Rongrong asked suddenly.
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Mo Beixiong patted his thigh: "Good teeth, good appetite!"
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