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"Everyone put on the deodorant powder, the blood wolf's nose is still alive." .

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Gu source essence: slightly black. ...

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In addition to ferocious beasts and Gu worms, savages are also important dangerous things in the wild.

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"The red-eyed unicorn feeds on secret stones every day, so why is it still a first-grade Gu instead of a second-grade Gu?"

If there are people from Longshanzhai here, they can find that the direction of the fluorescent bugs is the same as the direction that Jiao Shuyuan led to the Gu Dao.

"It's actually this Gu worm!"

Su Ran felt more at ease.

"By the way, Jiang Zi, I am in urgent need of blood-enriching medicine, can you help me collect some?"

Needless to say, the mastermind behind the scenes must have hidden the stolen goods while he was going downstairs.

It will be over soon.

It seems to be... don't buy Gu chrysalis, lest your family be ruined!

Great Yuanwei is the professional title of the second-rank Gu master among the Yuan bandits, he only listens to the orders of the big master, and he doesn't even listen to the orders of the second and third masters, so he has a very high status in the Yuan bandits.

Fifty miles outside Beiyuan City, Haohan Mountain. .

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As soon as the defective Gu chrysalis came out, the faces of the five shopkeepers changed in shock. They knew their own affairs, so Su Ran couldn't continue talking... .

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