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——Moon body: Immortal body. .

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Lord Lei is the direct descendant of King Yuyi. ...

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Beigong Qingshan snorted coldly: "I don't know the so-called junior, I made him swear to serve the Marquis Mansion, he shouldn't be fine, why should he talk about reasoning, shallow water bastard, he treats us all like bastards!"

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As long as the strength of Shangxian's domain power has not just broken through, it is generally above 40.0 strength?

Just now Su Ran used the Jiuyue Extreme Domain to fix You Qu, and the consumption of the domain power was less than 5%.

Su Ran couldn't help but praise herself.

Five rank five Gu Immortals?

Su Ran's state of mind is as calm as water at the moment. People say that Wang Yuyi is gorgeous in two continents, but just cast a glance, that's it, it's not as good as Yue Nuer's eyes.

"Where are you from?"

Moreover, the Nine Illusory Spaces can only be used once.

What did King Yuyi want to do with Su Ran?

It is very difficult to easily decide the winner when the strength of the two people's domain power is similar.

Su Ran was noncommittal, her eyes flickering. .

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When Su Ran's fist came into contact with the rank two Gu Immortal's body, the domain power of the rank two Gu Immortal was completely suppressed, and the entire body was directly wiped out, turning into nothingness amidst the screams. .

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