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【how to calculate early settlement for car loan 】 Moreover, the seemingly huge gun body has no greater recoil than ordinary sniper rifles. The disadvantage is that there will be a huge airflow when shooting, which is easy to expose the position of the sniper, and it must be matched with extremely flexible agility. It is also because of this that Chu Shaoyan, who is unparalleled in the world, has become the natural master of M82A1, and the two cooperate seamlessly. 。

"My brother is Chu Shaoyan." Shangguan Lingjiao said proudly.

Wei Huatong's face changed slightly. The new Provincial Party Secretary Liu Huide came to Zhejiang as a lonely person, so Wei Huatong didn't take him seriously, and even felt quite disgusted with the Provincial Party Committee's behavior of putting a stopper on Ningcheng.

"I know!" Everyone roared in unison.

After doing all this, Chu Shaoyan kept moving, when the ivory pistol in the sleeve fell into his hand! He grabbed Ye Ruoxi's body, and pressed the ivory pistol firmly on Ye Ruoxi's temple. These movements were so fast that people could not react!

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"Okay." Ye Tianhe nodded, and then led by Chu Shaoyan, pushed the door of the room and walked in.
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Song Yingjie was taken aback for a moment, staring at Chu Shaoyan, he couldn't stop talking: "Captain Chu, I said you are a wizard, you can guess this! How do you know it's Lu Zhen? Could it be Hao Yun, or Dugu?" Pa?"
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At this time, Wu Jialian and Wu Huijun on the cliff looked at each other, raised the walkie-talkie and said, "Teacher Zhu, your last few missiles can be launched. If Chu Shaoyan does not want to suffer the fire, he must accept the thunder of the missiles." wrath!"
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Sensing the beating murderous intent in Ka Suo's eyes, assistant Smith's body trembled, and he quickly gave a military salute and said, "Yes, Commander!"
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Chu Shaoyan walked over with a wry smile, and touched her head. Zidie suddenly shook like a hedgehog, opened his hand with a wave, and lay on her mother, still weeping.
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As soon as this proposal came out, the eyes of the people present lit up, who doesn't have a child or something? The safety of children is the biggest concern of many people. Rich people can hire bodyguards to escort them to and from school, but what about others? Even officials who use the bus to send their children have to be scruples. After all, the media is extremely developed now. Once it is exposed on the Internet, it will definitely become a victim of the whipping of netizens.
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Just when Chu Shaoyan started the vehicle and rushed out of the underground parking lot of Huading Building, the phone rang again, and when he picked it up, it was still Hua Zidie, so he picked it up and said, "Zi Die, are you in the school classroom now?" ?”
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After Zheng Ping left, those who took refuge in the new leader Wang Qiang were not disappointed. Because they have seen the energy of the master they have taken refuge in, they can go straight to the provincial party committee, and they are definitely not fish in the pond.
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