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【credit score auto loans 】 "In any case, I still want to thank the seniors for their help." 。

An Ran was displeased when she heard this: "Of course I'm at the seventh level of Qi training, what's the benefit of lying to you about this kind of thing? If I were at the Taoist stage, would I still be like a bird?"

It's just that for forces like the Four Great Sacred Lands, the resources of Xianyi Valley are mediocre, so after preliminary exploration, they simply "distributed" them to other sects.

Yan Qingzhu sat up from the water in a daze, shook his head vigorously, and shook the water droplets from his hair.


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Li Chong's face changed instantly, and he lost his voice in disbelief:
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"We... we've all been duped—"
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Go to Sendai first, reshape the physical body and live out the second life!
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The eighth level of Qi training, that is the eighth level of Qi training!
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After another long silence, he suddenly said coldly: "Old man, are you going to ascend?"
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If it is the fairy world, at least it should have fairy energy, right?
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At the same time he turned and left, in the pond in Anran's small courtyard, the carp suddenly jumped three feet high, causing splashes of water!
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Just at the first glance, Immortal Liu Ji felt a desolate atmosphere.
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