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【how to create union bank india education loan account online? 】 "Miss Hua, it's already 1:30 in the middle of the night. If we don't act, we probably won't have a chance." Chu Shaoyan said lightly, then tore off her mask, and casually picked up the silk cotton coat from the bed and handed it to her. She put it on quickly, concealing the curves of her delicate body, looked at it for a few times and nodded, "Very good, you won't be suspicious like this." 。

"Huh?" Song Yingjie was slightly taken aback.

"What did you promise?" Chu Shaoyan put the dishes on the plate, turned his head and frowned and asked.

Amid the seemingly false gunshots, dozens of people fell down. Many people immediately laughed. They thought these people were putting on a show and performing performance art. Such a move is not uncommon in the West, and it confuses everyone.

Unfortunately, Hao Shengwen's viciousness is far beyond Wu Tianhao and Li Yiqian's imagination. He has been enduring it all the time, secretly launching emotional, money, power, and sexual attacks on the old subordinates of the Hero Club.

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"Fake?" Wei Huatong sneered: "Lin Bangjie, have you had someone verify the authenticity of these pictures?"
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As a result, the Luo family's relationship network in the Jiangdong provincial capital was almost fatally hit. Chu Shaoyan not only could not rely on him, but also had to consider the safety of the Luo family and Luo's industry in Jiangdong.
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Song Yingjie and Wu Tianhao looked at each other, Wu Tianhao said: "Boss, you should already have a case, please tell me!"
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Hearing what Ye Tianhe said, and aware of Ye Tianhe's concern for Ye Ruoxi, Chu Shaoyan felt that he basically ruled out the guess that Ye Tianhe used him as an outsider to test his vice president Zhang Haohai. After all, if this is the case, the plan is too dangerous, Ye Tianhe can't guarantee the safety of Ye Ruoxi at all!
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Jiang Zhengfeng smiled and said: "What Minister Gao said is true! We do pay attention to harmony, but we definitely do not pay attention to the harmony of those corrupt officials, but pay attention to the harmony of the people. I can't give them any harmony. Chance!"
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Seeing Chu Shaoyan take out a large lighter worth one yuan, Zhang Haohai was stunned for a moment, then lit a cigarette, took a puff and joked: "Chu Shaoyan, you are also the boyfriend of Ruoxi after all, how can you use it?" What about such a cheap lighter?"
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At this time, sparks were flying everywhere, and the stone flew up. The huge force prevented it from falling to the ground at all, hitting left and right in the gap of the cliff, and volleying down! Chu Shaoyan looked around, his face sank slightly, and suddenly rushed forward.
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"The idea of sending a letter to consult is very good!" Chu Shaoyan said, "If Secretary Xiao calls in person, due to official rules, Ji Zhonghao may deal with it by procrastinating, and will secretly intensify and speed up the attack on the second company. We are quite unfavorable. Sending a letter for consultation is neither painful nor itchy, which makes Ji Zhonghao even more paralyzed."
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