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These enemies obviously had considerable military literacy. They didn't rush upwards in a swarm, but paired up and covered each other. They also kept a distance of about two meters between them, and their bodies were staggered. ... payday online loan 300

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A look of admiration flashed in Zi Die's eyes, obviously admiring the rock man's calmness, and then looked at Lan Die next to him: "Sister, I mean that the Die Gang follows Master Chu's lead in everything, what do you think?" ...

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More than two hours later, the plane stopped in Tokyo, and the four got off the plane. The three women started shopping in the duty-free area of the airport. Soon the man's hands and arms were covered with shopping bags.

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Chu Shaoyan started the navigation system, carefully positioned it, and replied: "Got it! I will act immediately, and now turn off the communication system. Remember, don't come to me!"

After getting the promise, Zhang Qiyuan walked towards the hospital. Obviously, this guy was in a very happy mood. He walked briskly along the way, and even hummed a yellow accent softly.

After a long time, the Goddess Huading was out of breath, she slightly pushed the rock man away in panic, panting wildly. The distance between the eyes of the rock man and the woman was less than three centimeters, and he couldn't help exhaling his heart.

Shangguan Zetian saw it, and looked back, but saw nothing, and asked strangely, "Shaoyan, is there anything behind?"

"Unfortunately, there is not a brave man among you."

Every time Nangong Chengyu thought of this, he felt extremely ashamed and deeply humiliated, and became even more resentful towards that rock man and his family. Shangguan Zetian obviously saw her thoughts, so he walked up to her and hugged her into his arms. Nangong Chengyu sobbed softly, for his own fate and humiliation. .

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