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【student housing loan 】 On the other hand, like Xu Aoguo as an example, there are only four leaders and eight Dazhengs. They are mainly composed of the "leaders" and "zhengs" of Xu and Ao, so it is a simple puzzle alliance. Care about the opinions of the other five tribal leaders. 。

The main difference lies in the different social forms. In the past few years, a lot of land has been reclaimed in the south, and mountains have been burned to open up wasteland. As we all know, even a three-year-old child in the countryside knows that there are many poisonous insects and mosquitoes in places with dense grass and plenty of water, while the miasma in the south It is the dead body poisonous gas that is produced after the animals and plants die and rots, and accumulates in the mountains and trees, and cannot be dispersed due to lack of ventilation...

"It's just some carpentry equipment in the area. You must say this! Otherwise, if it gets out, don't those other tribal alliances treat me as nothing? Such a shame!"

Then, there are Shuhai and Taizhang. As for the subsequent dynasties, there are some people who focus on the mysteries of the earth, but these geographical surveyors did not have specific professional titles in ancient times. Their main job may be thinkers or teachers. It may be an official of the court, or it may be a wanderer and a ranger...

Chongyong Fortress took only one year to complete, thanks to countless totem warriors and wizards!

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The aborigines of Shangqiu acted quickly, and countless streams of black, long strips of "crowds" gathered together, gathering and dispersing like quicksand and moving like dragons and snakes. When Chonghua brought people here, let them go Qi is already here, meeting with Zhaoming.
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"Ashamed, after two hundred years or nearly three hundred years, I still can only rely on my strength to walk in the world, and I can't rely on my reasoning to convince them!"
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This unknown friend told himself that two "capable people" came from other places. They heard that the south was well developed and had a great culture, so they came here admiringly.
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"Drink the water!"
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All the ministers said Gun Ke!
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Good guy, it turns out that it is not the sun hanging in the sky today, but my father!
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But halfway through his speech, he was shocked when he saw the totem pattern appearing on Yu Zai's body!
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