what does conditionally approved mortgage loan mean
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【when can you recast a mortgage 】 "It's about to start!" 。

At this time, Shandu God can look around the surrounding fields, the sky is still not good-looking, only the low and vast sea of clouds looks up, and the world below is also dark, but Shandu God can still recognize the direction of Shanbo Zhiye (known as Chifang).

Yu Zai: "When you look at the stars at night, is there any one that is particularly bright and can move?"

This is a good omen, Yu Zai knows it and looks forward to it. After the tribe's totem is restored, everything will naturally be better.

From the Wulong clan, to the ancient Three Emperors era, then to the Fuxi clan, then to the Yandi clan, and then to the current Huangdi clan, the tribes in the mountains and seas are more or less related to these people. Eighteen generations of distant relatives and grandsons suddenly had a Dacheng Eucharist, my darling...

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That is, Yan Fou and their acquaintance, the chief conductor of the Xunshan Music Troupe.
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