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【va mortgage 】 damn it! 。

For him, it is not necessary to use violence every time to deal with people.

Ling Heng seemed to have guessed what Su Xueqi was thinking: "Traitors don't deserve sympathy."

The wailing was not from Li Jin, but from the bodyguards who were about to attack!

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No one called him in the past few days, which meant that Ling Heng hadn't been killed yet, and he felt a little restless.
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He was fully armed and blocked this place, making it difficult for even flies to enter.
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The auction hosted by the Baizhan Chamber of Commerce this time is at another auction house in the city.
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As soon as the door was opened, a fresh fragrance came to the face, and a woman with a quiet appearance came into view.
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"I didn't expect Mr. Ling to be a successful person, but I was mistaken." Shi Lei smiled, and there was no mocking on his face, but Ling Heng felt a little disgusted by this look.
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This society is like this, the poor work hard to make money to support their families, and the rich spend money like water, just to smile for beautiful women.
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But the problem is that the truth cannot be told.
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