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few minutes later, Chen Qi came back from the bathroom and explained to Lu Xi: "Your father heard that you are going to compete abroad. He is afraid that you will be bored by yourself, and he can't get away. The recruiting work of the city team is very urgent. Xiao Deng I just happened to be free, so I came with you." ... which bank has the lowest student loan interest rate

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Deng Chang finally took Lu Xi's phone over, and just as Lu Xi was about to tell him the password, he saw the man's slender fingers swipe twice on his keyboard, and it opened easily. .

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Lu Xi then cut a piece of rib and handed it to Deng Chang. ...

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Lucy nodded: "OK."

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- Lucy: You have been free for the past two days;

Now there are two sixteen or seventeen-year-old boys standing side by side, they look very seductive. But the teaching assistant still maintains professional sensitivity.

So that's how baijiu is drunk?

In addition, Lucy is still receiving special training in artistic expression.

Of course, before this is the long vacation of at least two months after returning home after the ice show.

On the bed in the hotel room, there are a lot of flowers and gifts. The mascot of the World Championships and the toy puppies are placed in the front. Chen Qi sat beside the flowers and gifts, chewing on a lollipop while answering congratulatory calls.

Chen Qi followed out obediently, Deng Chang wanted to follow, but was stopped, he said a few words to no avail, he could only stay by Lu Xi's side, turned his head to look at Lu Xi lying on the bed, his eyes were red.

Although he withstood the pressure and performed very well, and completed all the jumps cleanly, but the program configuration itself could not get high scores.

The emperor of the Moscow Ice Rink, Varichenko, finally made his debut in the last scene of this world championship drama.

Fortunately, it was only the national championship game, and Deng Chang had been in good form recently, otherwise Lu Xi felt that Chen Qi could hang them both up and fight. .

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Lu Xi thought to himself that the rope ring should be the reason for it. After all, it was impossible for Deng Chang to bring any hidden weapon on the ice, so he didn't think about it. .

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