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"That's it! If you dare to talk nonsense to others about this matter, I will bite you to death for the rest of your life!" Zidie said ferociously, and then couldn't help laughing, snuggling into the arms of the rock man, saying with some resentment "Actually, when I came out just now, I wish there was a crack in the ground to swallow me in. Especially when you told me to shut up because of Yan Shuya just now, my heart was pierced and bloody..." ... how to sign in to bbva compass auto loan online

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"Then... from now on, I'll be your real sister, okay? Sister Xue!" Zidie hugged Guan Nuoxue affectionately as if hitting a snake with a stick, and even put her slippery little face on her pink cheeks. rub it. .

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"Then, what if they all ask for their children to be given their surnames? As far as I know, the Shangguan sisters, Jin Lin, Nangong Chengyu, and Guan Nuoxue all have no brothers!" Luo Yun stared at him jokingly. ask. ...

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Song Yingjie said: "Yes, we all know that Hong Lianhui should be responsible for the bombing, but do you have any evidence? All kinds of evidence even point to the opponent of Shangguan's family. There is a reason why the case was not resolved in the end!"

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Guan Nuoxue became anxious when she heard that, and shook her head again and again, "That doesn't count, it's been a few days? Besides, he took the initiative to comfort me that day, so it doesn't count!"

Everyone sat down. Shangguan Zetian smiled lightly and said: "I don't dare to teach you. Zetian has not been in business for a long time, and he still has a lot to learn from you, old man. How dare he teach others? If you don't give up, sister Qinrong and I Let’s learn from each other.”

Shu Lihong discussed with Chu Shaoyan for a while and said: "The relationship between the Masi family, Ming Quanxi and Lin Bangjie is extraordinary, and Guan Fengyi is likely to have fallen into Lin Bangjie's hands now. Good. Director Jiang, I suggest that the Ningcheng Bureau and the five teams I brought cooperate to conduct a simultaneous search of all properties of Lin Bangjie in Ningcheng!"

After clapping his hands, Chu Shaoyan proudly walked on the road of the community, Room 1025, Building 18, Chu Shaoyan quickly found the small high-rise building through the map instructions of the community, so he took the elevator to Room 1025, and pressed the doorbell, but what was the reaction? nothing.

In the meeting room provided by the hotel, everyone was seated separately.

To be honest, it is definitely a lie that he doesn't care about her at the moment. Although Zidie and Zidie have not gone through the final procedure, they had a sweet time when they were in the provincial capital and Ningcheng. Zidie has always helped him a lot. It's not that he doesn't have that kind of affection for her, but the key is that the timing is wrong, before solving her mother Hua Youlan's problem, he really shouldn't touch this girl.

Zidie suddenly raised her head, stared at him and said, "I know, so I...I want you to be my man!"

Liang Wanruo's face changed slightly and he smiled bitterly: "Well, I have a friend over there who needs to be entertained. I will toast to the leaders a few times, and there is no need to sit down."

Ningcheng's top leader Wei Huatong and Lin Bangjie naturally had a falling out.

"Ah!?" Hu Dongchen was dumbfounded, and smiled wryly: "Captain Ye, you want Lao Hu to be skinned by Yu Huo, right?" .

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"What do you mean by changing the game?" The square-headed, short, fat man said angrily, "Brothers have suffered such a shame and humiliation today, let's just forget it? What are we going to do in the future!" .

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