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【interest/skill inventories for free 】 The inspector raised his pistol and smiled grimly: "It doesn't matter if you are childish, as long as it works. Unfortunately, our government imposes heavy sentences on drug dealers, and you may end up in prison in the future!" 。

Chu Shaoyan nodded to Zidie and said: "You found it in time, you can check your mother's body more in the future, if there are any abnormalities in other parts, you must call me, I will check right away."

"Yes, fifth brother!" Mao Zhenfei readily agreed. However, there was a look of disapproval on his face, which Lu Zhen didn't see clearly under the cover of the night.

For three years, she endured it for three years and was isolated for three years. These three years have transformed her from an extroverted child into a rather introverted but self-improving girl.

Immediately Shangguan Zetian pushed open the door of his room, blew a kiss to the man, and stepped into the room.

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Chu Shaoyan nodded and said: "Yes. However, the existing evidence is not sufficient, and it lacks the most deadly and core part. To deal with these wolves, the most taboo is to scare the snake. If you don't move, you have to uproot it. The municipal Tong faction, 'Royal No. 2', Hong Lianhui, and Dugu faction were defeated, and the total account was settled from both political and economic aspects!"
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At the moment when his uncle and aunt came over to Jiangcheng, Wu Tianhao's anger melted away and disappeared completely. Instead, it became a family joy, drank all kinds of meat and eight vegetables, vomited a mess, and threw the things Chu Shaoyan explained to him. Java State.
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With a keen premonition of the crisis, it seems that Hua Zidie is born with the qualities of a female agent! Chu Shaoyan smiled wryly and said, "You did a great job, you can even say you saved my soul."
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"Shaoyan, welcome home!" Shangguan Zetian stepped forward and gave him a tight hug.
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Not to mention fat people like tyrannosaurus rex, even Wang Shijie and Zhang Zhang have received professional training, and their fights are definitely not comparable to these street gangsters. Left-handed and chopping, three in and three out, three out and three in, like a land where no one is around, each of them really has the majesty of the martial arts god Changshan Zhao Zilong fighting Changbanpo!
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What's even more unbearable is that these girls' costumes are still very cute: Zidie is a cat ear hat of the little devil style, with dyed golden hair fluttering in the wind; Yan Shuya is a hat with straight hair and deer ears, pink color Liu Xiyao was bewitched by Zidie to wear a maid headband, straight hair with slanted bangs, dreamy big eyes with colored contact lenses, long false eyelashes, creating a sense of innocence with upturned eye tails; and honey Juicy lip gloss and pouty lips, the cute girly feeling of the three of them is absolutely top-notch!
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Wu Jialian looked at the chaotic scene, waved decisively at the group of masters who had been invited from all over the place behind him, took the lead, and rushed towards Chu Shaoyan's hiding place.
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Song Yingjie nodded, fastened the safety rope around his waist to the rope, and then slid down extremely neatly. In less than five seconds, he landed on top of the inflatable speedboat. At this time, the inflatable speedboat was still a square box, floating on the water and bumping violently with the waves.
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