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【what is mortgage apr 】 The venom in the belly of the poisonous water frog can corrode everything. Many of the surrounding spaces are corroded by the venom. How can this small black seal not be corroded in the belly of the poisonous water frog? 。

The scene before Stone Forest was quickly skipped.


Su Ran began to recall the scene of getting the Black Sunflower Order.

Everything is messed up.

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Without clairvoyance, just by looking, you can see things ten miles away, which is also very powerful.
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In the depths of the prairie, all kinds of roars continued, making one's hair stand on end.
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Su Ran's previous judgment was correct, the ancestor Heikui is not here now.
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"Look hard, study hard, I'll depend on you later."
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Wang Baiji sighed: "Our lineage has suffered heavy losses in this exploration. The whereabouts of the six people who participated in the Gu Zi battle are unknown. Wang Xiaoge and the others may all be dead..."
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It is only to determine the approximate location. The Wang clan will not guard the entrance of the fastest path to the inheritance area, but will only be near the entrance.
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Su Ran, who was originally flying in the air, fell from the sky as early as the four of them shot.
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The gibbon couldn't react at all. The Void Burning hand fell directly on top of the gibbon's head, and the raging flames instantly enveloped the gibbon.
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