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【documents needed for mortgage application 】 Li Xiangxiang was stunned for a moment, thinking of the problems reported by the administrative staff on the phone, his heart was still trembling. 。

Sensing the strong murderous intent on Mike and the others, those special police officers were shocked! Intuition told them that the few people in front of them were first-class experts.

"Return to Mr. Chu." Starscream said, "The owner of this villa has a good network in Harbor City, and Mr. Jiang's people dare not search here."

"Are you looking for my father?" Chen Yajun couldn't help being taken aback when Chu Shaoyan asked for Chen Zhiyuan's phone number.

Seeing that the receptionist was still motionless, Ye Qiu asked.

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His father, Shen Hengfeng, was sweating profusely, and received a mysterious phone call with a trembling voice.
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Ye Qiu turned his head and looked at Yan Mengjia who was standing motionless by the door.
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"Young Master Li, it's sunny and there are so many people around. It's not good to do it like this. It's not good to call the police later." Manager Gao thought for a while and decided to dissuade Li Guangze. He couldn't control what the two big bosses fought Fairy rack, but don't damage the restaurant's signboard.
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Chu Shaoyan's ability to observe words and emotions is not bad, so he naturally guessed what was going on in Starscream's mind at this time. Seeing a faint fear in Starscream's eyes, he sneered and said, "Why? Are you also afraid?" As he said that, Chu Shaoyan slapped Starscress's face fiercely with the side of the dagger.
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My God, it has been destroyed like this, alas! "
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Yan Mengjia grinned: "Hey, the boss is welcome, then do you think I can pass this probationary period ahead of schedule?"
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In addition, other websites also reposted it one after another, making this storm of public opinion even more violent! Immediately afterwards, in the afternoon edition of Longhai Daily, there was also half a page dedicated to the Xuanwu animation.
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The secretary just came to report that the company's stock is still falling, and it has lost 5 billion yuan! Immediately afterwards, the company's official website was attacked by a large number of hackers, and it was completely paralyzed. All the hotel reservation prices sold online became free stays. 100 million! Then, Galaxy Group's Samsung Hotel in the suburbs had just completed construction. For some unknown reason, it suddenly exploded. There were no deaths or injuries, but the 800 million invested before was all gone! A series of unexpected events caused Shen Hengfeng's blood pressure to soar. If the accompanying doctor insisted on being timely, Shen Hengfeng would have burped on the spot.
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