inventory loan for small business
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【promissory note small loan 】 "What do you mean?" Luo Mingdong's face changed slightly. 。

"How big is the position?" The middle-aged man lowered his voice and said sternly, "Our foreman has to listen to the captain, the captain has to listen to the supervisor, the supervisor has to listen to the manager, the manager has to listen to the boss, and the boss has to listen to the company president. Do the math yourself, what is her position?"

During the meeting, Chu Shaoyan sat silently at the back without saying a word. And Ye Jinlin also sat on the sidelines, even Ye Changning personally came to ask her to sit in the chairman's seat, but she refused on the grounds that "I was just monitoring the progress of the matter", and sat safely in a corner of the conference room.

When Li Rongrong saw the bright wall of water rushing towards her, she was so startled that she couldn't even move, and there was only one thought in her mind: "It turns out that I was buried in the flood just like him." middle!"

"Why, do you know each other?" Su Yimei asked tearfully.

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Wen Zhengming sneered coldly, and said, "I am Wen Zhengming, director of the Supervision Office of the Public Security Bureau. What advice do you have?"
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"Do you want to say it?" Chu Shaoyan shouted again, his eyes pierced the man's eyes with fierce and bloody eyes, and his voice already contained a special technique for slapping the nail on the head!
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Duanmu Xiangbei, the interim chairman of the shareholders' meeting, quickly confirmed the identities of the three and invited them to the stage.
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"What?" Chu Shaoyan's head exploded immediately, he never thought that the other party would ask such an ambiguous and embarrassing question at this time, what does the other party mean by this?
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While Chu Shaoyan was hesitating, Shangguan Zetian had already gone up to meet him, and said with a sweet smile, "Welcome, Director Ye!"
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Fortunately, Chu Shaoyan had sharper eyes than the eagle, and he could see the slight protrusion on the pillar at a glance, and immediately heard the slight ticking sound of the explosive device after climbing up.
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"It's gone..." Li Rongrong said regretfully, "The last thing he had was also lost. Maybe we really don't have enough fate, so..."
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"Hospital? What hospital? Chu Shaoyan, what did you do to this girl?" Guan Nuoxue, who had just entered, misunderstood. At this time, the rock man was holding the beautiful girl, and the girl was crying loudly in his arms. What kind of hospital did you mention? Could it be...
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