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Apart from the big man and Dong Junmao, the thin man who was knocked unconscious by his punch last time was also there. Seeing Qian Shan approaching from a distance, the three of them turned their heads and looked over at the same time. ... small business loan personal lending club

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Qian Shan sighed, took out his mobile phone and set a temporary password for his home, and then put it in front of the two people: "This is a temporary password, you have to go by yourself, I live alone, no one else, eat After dinner, I will go back to the club for a lunch break, and I will practice with you in the afternoon." .

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Here, Sun Hongsheng had just started warming up, and Qian Shan also entered the training ground. After taking the protective gear, he came directly to the edge of the ring. ...

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After the training session in the morning, Qian Shan also told Ma Feizhang that he couldn't come if he wanted to move in the afternoon.

Zhao Feifei nodded immediately: "Of course I remember, you said he was rescued by the big spider robot."

Zhao Feifei opened her eyes wide, waiting for Qian Shan to continue.

"Agao, Agao!" Several companions who were friends with him shouted anxiously, but there was thick smoke billowing from the gate, and no one answered.

met Zhao Feifei from the rooftop, and later I happened to be colleagues at work. After getting along for a month, the relationship between the two has improved a lot. Qian Shan is also very happy to laugh and play with such a cheerful and lively girl, at least they get along well. .

"What a big bowl of noodles, half an hour, can you finish this thing?"

"Ah?" Ma Feizhang was stunned for a moment: "No?"

Lei Xinke chuckled lightly, and patted Zhao Feifei on the shoulder: "Okay, don't worry, Big Brother Qianshan won't let you down, just watch it in a while, I think that big man will at most let Big Brother Qianshan down." With a little injury, if you want to defeat Big Brother Qianshan, your chances are not great." .

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