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【merchant of venice antonio interest free loans 】 At the beginning, he thought that this strange coffin came from the Immortal Mansion and was written by Nanming Immortal King No. 2, but now it seems that Nanming No. 2 himself does not know its origin! 。

hey tui.

Just as the words fell, the strange coffin in the Immortal Mansion slapped and moved.

"You are obviously from the Ling family, don't you know the exercises of the Ling family?"

"Having said so much, you should be on your way—"

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Why, do you still want to treat your senior brother as your senior sister?
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"Wait a minute! I obviously had a chance to escape just now, why did I patronize him to find the way?"
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Following An Ran's shout, a scorching breath that was almost visible to the naked eye, like thunder from the nine suns, descended from the void without warning!
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"Tongxian Gate?"
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An Ran on the side couldn't help but sneer: "Of course it's because Sister Ling is very talented."
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"I haven't enjoyed this kind of life since I was a child."
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With the sound of laughter, the surrounding mountains and forests seemed to have life, and receded in all directions, revealing a sacred and magnificent mansion, lying on the way of everyone!
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Taoist Fei Ling didn't know what An Ran was thinking. After getting his answer, he fell into deep thought again: "Is there only one Taixuan Sword Sect in the whole world? Then who was the old man..."
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