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Dong Wenjun trotted all the way to Dong Junmao, and when he came up, he scolded: "Grandson of Qianshan! He even called the police, damn it, and recorded the audio. The most abominable thing is that bastard Di Gaochao went in and recruited me. Hao Qianshan wasn’t hurt much, but Di Gaochao’s previous affairs were revealed and he was detained for three months.”

Chu Shaoyan said lightly: "Clean up the city for our Jiangcheng. If I don't go to hell, whoever will go to hell. You should be very clear about the current situation on Jiangcheng Road. The Butterfly Gang and the Giant Ax Gang are nothing but scabies, and the 'Hong Lianshe' is the only one." It is the real cancer of the city. I recruited those small gangs just to fight against the huge underground "Hong Lianshe" and try to limit the further development of this cancer so that it will not become uncontrollable."

"That's right, we're looking for that sparring partner, and he's not here to make trouble, so why not let him go?!"

"Ten thousand?" Cheng Fighting frowned for a moment, but quickly stretched out, "Cheaper, since your friend refuses to come forward, then you must have the right to negotiate the price, you are cheaper, I will often use this Plant something."

Having already entered the Shangguan Manor, Fatty An was leading a group of people to practice military boxing. When he saw the vehicle yelling, everyone stood at attention and saluted, which was quite a posture.

Early the next morning, Qian Shan called Cheng Boji first, and after confirming that he was in the club, he took a taxi directly to the club with the potion.


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