how to establish business credit with bad personal credit
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【how long to inquiries stay on credit report 】 Guam Aberdeen? Bamboo Association? An opponent of Jiangcheng in the Mainland? Other opponents of the Ye family in Baodao Harbor? Subconsciously, these four options flashed through Chu Shaoyan's mind. Soon, Chu Shaoyan shook his head and denied the Guamese. 。

At this time, Wu Tianhao had stabilized the morale of the Heroes Club. At least the elite he and Li Yiqian had trained with one hand and one foot did not suffer much. Most of the defectors were old people who had defected before he joined the Heroes Club. Due to their abilities, these people were not reused by Wu Tianhao, so they were more likely to be instigated.

"Uncle Hai, why are you telling this guy these things? You're so ashamed..." Ye Ruoxi blushed like an apple, hiding in Zhang Haohai's arms, her eyes wandering around, looking like she wanted to find someone The expression of a mouse going into a hole.

Bai Zhenghua said with a wry smile: "This is a political need. Whether it is ancient or modern, Chinese or foreign, politics is a unique ecological phenomenon. Aristotle said: Politics does not create human beings, but it separates human beings from nature and controls them." Nature. In fact, politics is not controlled by nature, but by people. The ancestors once said that the first task of politics is to distinguish between friends and enemies. It also stabilized a group of people.”

Chu Shaoyan didn't refuse, and there was no need to refuse. He quickly analyzed the situation, and then deployed the campaign. According to the plan, the entire campaign consisted of three parts.

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But if he knew that the selfish man was Toyotomi Maaya's favorite man, and also had a good relationship with the head of the Snow Wolf Mercenary Corps, maybe he would give up this stupid idea.
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When Dugu Ba attended the secret meeting of all parties, his complexion was a little gray, and his stubbornly erect hair also turned gray rarely.
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"Brother Chu, why are you walking so fast?" In the past five days, even though Chu Shaoyan had replaced Xu Dahui as the commander of the branch hall, Xu Dahui didn't complain at all. He even hoped that Chu Shaoyan could stay and continue Be the commander of the triple branch. The reason for this is that even he himself does not know.
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However, when he saw Ye Tianhe's appearance clearly, he was stunned: Chairman Ye Tianhe's throat was cut with a dagger, his clothes were stained red with blood, and his face was pale and bloodless.
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Dugu Linfeng took kickbacks from those real estate developers in Los Angeles, and played with blonde beauties so much that Guanghua Group bought real estate at a high price. His son, Dugu Linfeng, an idiot, thought that the real estate could only go up, so even if the price was a little higher, it didn't matter. Anyway, there is only the possibility of making money.
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In such a situation, the Sanlian Association has almost monopolized all the gray businesses in the underground of Harbor City. These businesses bring huge profits to the Sanlian Association every year. However, among these shady businesses, the biggest profit is not the white powder business, but smuggling Business.
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The reason why Toyotomi Maaya has an influence on them is because the Toyotomi family has enough shares in Sanwa Bank and Narita Heavy Industries to make them respect. This kind of respect has reached the point where Toyotomi Maaya can look down on them condescendingly.
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Then Chu Shaoyan led all the members of the inner circle of the Sanlian Association to hold another memorial ceremony for the dead brother! Perhaps it was because of the killing of the Guam Gang, or the fact that Chen Wei, a traitor, appeared in the gang. The memorial ceremony this time is much more grand than the last one! In the middle of the sacrificial ceremony, Chen Wei, the traitor of the Sanlian Society, was stabbed by members of the Sanlian Society, and finally bled to death!
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