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Chu Shaoyan smiled wryly and nodded, the two came to the left side of the villa under the flower shelf, Zidie pulled him to sit on one of the swings, and she sat on the adjacent swing, slightly rippling in the downpour, the rain ran down her little face It kept pouring, and the pointed and thin chin even formed a string of small raindrops. .

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"En! Thank you, Shaoyan!" Ye Jinlin hugged Chu Shaoyan and kissed with a smile, then glanced shyly at Shangguan Zetian and Luo Yun, and said in a low voice, "Thank you too, sister Zetian, Yun sister!" ...

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"Watching a play? What kind of play? It can't be a play, right?" Zi Die waved her hand and said, "Oh, I don't like opera the least, Yiyi, it's very disturbing. How about we go to the movies? Be a couple Box. Hehe, I’ve thought about this for a long time, but I never had a chance to sit in it!”

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"The voice is very sweet and clear, like mountain spring water. Not bad, you have vision." Captain Li patted Chu Shaoyan on the shoulder in a serious manner, but his eyes were full of smiles.

When he finally left Huayoulan Villa, it suddenly rained heavily. The door is tens of meters away from the parking place, Chu Shaoyan did not fly past, but walked slowly in the rain. The slightly hot, huge raindrops hit his face hotly, bringing him a touch of coolness.

Hua Youlan was intoxicated with intoxication, and when she saw the flirtatious eyes between the two, she immediately said angrily: "Chu Shaoyan, you, and Zidie...can it be that you... can't, absolutely not!"

"I don't like the way Wu Tianhao looks at me." Zidie said bluntly, "I will only help you. Relatively speaking, I prefer to be by your side, even though you are a wolf."

Chu Shaoyan saw the direction of the rolling stone, and suddenly flew up into the air, stepped on one of the rolling stones flying down from the air, and then his body flashed, and he jumped directly onto a small cliff with a height of seven or eight meters !

Chu Shaoyan was taken aback, and said: "Who has snatched the child? What's going on? You're seriously injured. You have to go to the hospital right away!"

"In the past few years, Bingbing has not been going well." Yuan Jiyu smiled bitterly, "After she retired from the army, she started a business for a while, but she didn't make any money. The old man left early, and no one sold her account. And those old men in the family who are still alive, even the old honest ones, are posting now. Do you still remember the strong man in the compound of the Chenzhou Military Region? The one who was bullied the most by Bingbing back then is now the boss of Dongsheng Group Already!"

"Research institute?" Zhu Qixia was startled, and frowned slightly: "In Huaxia, the scientific research department..."

The rock man gave a wry smile, hugged her and said softly: "Zetian, the so-called stunning beauty can't be kept when the beauty is old. The continuous relationship between the two parties is the most sincere and eternal..."

Chu Shaoyan said lightly: "You still want to come? No problem, I will build you a small villa and a helicopter pad on this deserted island. Whenever we want to come on vacation, we can fly a helicopter!" .

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Chu Shaoyan smiled wryly and shook his head, "Even if she wants to, I won't bear it." .

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