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"Why don't you trust Nangong Chengfeng?" Shangguan Zetian mused. ... does a stock a long term loan to business and government on which interest is paid

test. franchise vs business from scratch bank loan Obviously, this is a contest between two old foxes, intending to reach a balance point in price. Chu Shaoyan had no intention of continuing to listen, but touched the boat. There must be a lot of cargo on this ship, so the two sides are so cautious and cautious. If they can control this batch of cargo, Hong Lianshe will definitely go crazy, and it will be easy to grab their braids. ….

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"No, we're not going anywhere tomorrow. We'll be here tomorrow, your injury..." Shangguan Zetian cried out anxiously. .

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"As for what Cheng Ju said just now, although it is just a guess, it is still very worthy of deliberation." ...

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Nangong Chengyu stared at the portrait of Nangong Minghao, with teary eyes, choked up and said: "Uncle, I'm sorry, it's all our fault, we didn't arrange your affairs well..."

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"Okay, Master Chu, I will take care of it!"

Both Zi Die and Lan Die stood up, and Zi Die said: "Master Chu, should we say hello to the Alliance's Giant Ax Gang and Xiao Dao Gang first? Especially the Giant Ax Gang, I think Mr. Xu should know what to choose and what to give up." !"

Chu Shaoyan nodded and said: "The response was very good, at least it did not arouse the enemy's suspicion. Lawyer Wu, we must wait for the enemy to act now. I believe that in an hour, Holley Group will announce the news of Nangong Dong's death. I will protect Nangong Chengyu and Ms. Liu to pay homage to Nangong's mourning hall..."

"If you tell sister Zetian, will she believe it?" Duan Mulan smiled lightly.

"It's nothing." He said calmly, but his heart was still trembling. Something must have happened last night, the evil fire in the dantian had completely subsided, and his body seemed a little unusual, and the dream that night was unprecedentedly clear.

"That's right!" Zeng Shengbin, the leader of the Flying Fox Clan, shouted in a sharp voice: "There are rules in Taoism. The police can collude and use it to attack each other's situation. But once the two sides confront each other and call the police, we will lose all face!"

"It's over!" When everyone had this thought, they suddenly rushed out with billowing smoke, and then collapsed on the ground, coughing loudly.

"The crime is not worthy of death!" .

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