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They also encountered an old man who fell on the side of the road, managed to get up, and squatted desperately to the side to smoke a hookah. ... how to take out a business loan

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An extremely strange starry sky. .

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He looked into the space around him. ...

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"It's so normal! It's so normal that it can't be normal anymore!"

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"However, the sudden collapse of the Nine Bridges this time is really abnormal. The Heavenly Dao Academy will investigate this matter. We also hope that everyone who has participated in the trials of breaking through the barriers will stay in Yuanfeng City for the time being, and don't act rashly."

The white-haired girl took a deep breath, and explained in as simple and understandable a way as possible: "Before you break through, your accumulation should not be too deep..."

Even if the physical body has been wiped out for many years and the mana of cultivation base does not exist, he can still activate this force.

But on the whole, there are only a few Immortal King-level existences.

"Who says it's not? A fairy city actually has long legs, so who can I ask for reason?"

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Yan Qingzhu jumped three feet high on the spot, grabbed Yu Xiaoyao's hand and ran out: "No, no, no, if this continues, won't I even be surpassed in cultivation? Xiaoyao, let's go, and set off to that place immediately place--"

"The mystery of the Chaos Sea has not yet been discovered by Xianliandongtian. The senior used the name of Chaos, and he probably wanted to tell us... Don't continue to delve into it!"

Originally, this process would last longer, but the fall of Feixiantai brought a huge amount of heaven and earth spiritual energy, An Ran went directly to Feixiantai to squat, where he also came into contact with the remaining immortal energy!

What An Ran was talking about was naturally innate divine writing. .

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Looking at the half of her butt that was exposed outside, An Ran couldn't help sighing in her heart: "This guy is so powerful, not only can he pass through the formation formed by Nanming, he can even activate the power of Feixiantai, and now... he can still do it Talk with your ass!" .

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