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test. earnest money mortgage Hong Jiasheng also nodded and said: "Brother Chu, you are not a person of the Dao, so you don't understand the rules of the Dao. Pirates also have the Dao. If we deviate from this Dao, we will not be able to live in the future!" ….

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When Xu Yibai dragged Shen Yao out, it was as if he was dragging the groom away from marriage. Thinking of this, Xu Yibai's breathing became short of breath. .

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Jian Ran didn't know why Yan Zhixing changed his mind and where he found some conscience, but he was still relieved.

It was night, under Chu Shaoyan's overall control, the Xiaodaohui annihilation battle officially started.

Even after breaking up, Guan Shu is still stubborn, never willing to let Shen Yao see his weak state.

"Uh... ah!"

Shen Yao looked at him and asked thoughtfully, "Did you play the wrong song just now?"

The sound of "pa" resounded throughout the room, Shen Yao said coldly: "You are really a mad dog."

Guan Shu put his hand on the armrest by his side and grabbed it tightly, never taking his eyes off Shen Yao. .

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