financing a small loan
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【small loan of am illion dollars 】 Arriving here, seeing some new discoveries, Su Ran is not willing to go back here. 。

Of course, Su Ran can also replace the seventh-grade spirit Gu with a lower spirit Gu...

Su Ran can imagine.

Regret gathered in my heart, but it was too late.

The three high-level executives were a little excited.

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Everyone is strong!
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The seventh-rank spiritual hood is opened.
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Wang Jianming and many ninth-rank Gu masters all changed their colors, they didn't know that Qishengqin had such a secret.
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Su Ran rested the Qisheng Guqin on her lap with bright eyes.
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Lin Henyou shouted: "People in Chushan City, attack them all for me. Afterwards, I will offer the value equivalent to a ninth-grade Gu as compensation for everyone!"
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But with the barriers of Gu control people, corrosive fog and rock formations, this journey seems very long.
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Su Ran roughly understood what he saw earlier.
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In the eyes of ordinary people, a ninth-rank Gu master is the highest level of a Gu master.
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