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"Where did you get this kind of method? The Xunshan clan sent me to wait for someone from the Gaoshi clan to teach it." ... what is the recovery business loan

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But the recommendation is not something that can be recommended casually, Chisongzi said: "This... I am afraid it will be difficult, you mean let me live in the Chifang family for a few days... well, but only relying on some novel tools ,I am afraid...."

Yu Jing stomped her feet: "Witch! No! No! None! What are you talking about!"

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"Once excited, it will cause this light to appear..."

"Near Tianbi Mountain, it was destroyed by man."

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"Witch of the Chikata Clan! You borrowed our horn! Why don't you return it!"

Yu Zai hurriedly persuaded this enthusiastic person, after all, if the Hong family's matter could be resolved by beating him up, he would take someone to set the fire now, but this would probably create a bad impression on Xunshan.

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