how to qualify for a personal loan
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【when will my available credit update 】 Su Ran is dwelling in Yue Ti's body, focusing on her own body. 。

"Shenyou Golden Gu? Impossible!" Qiu Hongmian denied, "Su Ran already has a Jade Muscle Water Gu as his natal Gu, how can he have other strange Gu as his natal Gu, this is absolutely impossible!"

Su Ran's voice suddenly came from the ground.

"I took the things. If I find no one is following me behind me, the natal Gu will be released."

If you wait and rebel, the other five kings will rebel too!

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Caimei’s Shangxian’s expression was not good either. Her disciple Qiuying was scared back to the fairy palace by Su Ran’s three words, and she swore that she would not be able to leave the fairy palace, which also made her lose face: “Brother Wang, why don’t you let me go? A trip to Su City to secretly capture Su Ran?"
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"Hey, not only are there slaves in the Xianyu Continent, but there are also slaves in the Continent of Deceitful Yang. If you really want to count, the slaves of Deceitful Yang were first spread from the Continent of Deceitful Yang.
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"This is the breath of jade muscle water Gu!" Qiu Ying was shocked: "Su Ran, you refined jade muscle water Gu into natal Gu?!"
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Qiu Ying blew her family name and was born in the Red Lotus Fairy Palace, which frightened the people in the Hou Mansion below.
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But Yu Hongyi, you actually know Su Ran's strength, why don't you point it out directly...
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But Qianmo's cultivation base is only six or seven ranks, and the strength of his domain power is not high enough, so he can at most get rid of Feng Huo Lei.
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It was strange, he felt his own physical body, but he didn't seem to be able to feel it. At this moment, as long as there is wind around, it can be used as the carrier of his physical body.
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"At least thirty copies!"
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