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【how to write a business plan mortgage loan originator 】 Chu Shaoyan couldn't help sneering: "Director Cheng, you should know how Nangong Mingdao died. Why did you ask me to get up? Could it be that you suspect me of murder? Well, please arrest me immediately!" 。

Wang Zhenghe said seriously: "I, Wang Tiemian, keep my promises. Who in the political and legal circles doesn't know?"

The imported specific drugs recommended by doctors cost thousands of yuan per injection; the so-called specific treatments cost tens of thousands of yuan per course of treatment. In order to save her mother's life, the innocent girl Liu Xiyao ran to the bank again and again, and one year later her account was completely exhausted. If it weren't for the three thousand yuan sent by the elder brother Chu Shaoyan every month, the hospital would have kicked out the seriously ill mother long ago!

"Sister Lingjiao!" The little sisters with dim eyes cried out in shock when they heard these words.

Yi Haozhe used all his wrists. Fortunately, Liang Wanruo is very smart, and her skills are quite superb. When the other party threatened her, she resorted to gentle tactics, used words to squeeze her, and even interceded with her relationship, which forced Yi Haozhe to let her go several times; for the temptation, she took it lightly and was not tempted; If it wasn't for a coincidence that she was smashed by the hotel waiter, maybe she had already fallen into a nightmare.

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"Let's go, drag her back!" After beating enough, the gangster dragged Liu Xiyao's beautiful hair and left, even trying to tie her back. After seeing her yesterday, this guy was shocked by the girl's natural beauty. The gangster thought to himself that such a stunning beauty, once cultivated, will definitely be a money-making machine!
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However, when the dust settled, Chu Shaoyan's figure had already disappeared. The old butler quickly chased to the surrounding wall and mobilized all the big men in black to search with infrared detectors, but found nothing.
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"That's all?" Long Guozheng's face suddenly turned into a half-smile, obviously he didn't believe it at all, "Uh, I've seen the new president of Huali Group on TV, he can be said to turn all sentient beings upside down! Brother, you won't have anything to do with her Have you done something pleasant?"
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"Sister-in-law, let's go!" Li Xiaoxi also hugged her arm and acted like a baby.
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Sell him? Chu Shaoyan raised his eyebrows suddenly.
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Chu Shaoyan said coldly: "If you still refuse to accept it tomorrow morning, I will bow and apologize to you!" As he said, he led people out quickly.
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The chief sat with Mr. Ye, several members of the Standing Committee of Jiangcheng City Committee, and several deputy mayors.
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When beauty and authority are perfectly combined, there is an inexplicable natural attraction to Chu Shaoyan, which is why Chu Shaoyan pays attention to Li Rongrong unconsciously after getting acquainted with her.
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