my loan has a very low interest rate but i pay a lot f interest each month
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【small personal loan?trackid=sp-006 】 Does he want me? The girl's delicate body was trembling, she was staring at him, her eyes were changing, she knew that something must have happened to him, for example, like traditional martial arts, he took some medicine, so that he needed... 。

The reason why he didn't go to the hospital, but took A Bao to Ye's Manor, was because he knew that the surgeon Liu Yong from the Sanlian Society who rescued him last time had a higher level than the doctors in many hospitals in the harbor. If Liu Yongdu can't save Ah Bao, it's useless to send him to the hospital.

Chu Shaoyan looked at her helplessly and said, "Well, I won't blame you, please tell me."

Chu Shaoyan couldn't help but smile, picked up dozens of bird eggs and threw them into the water, and then stretched out his hand again. About three minutes later, he reached out to pick up a bird egg that was slightly smaller than an egg, and peeled it open to see that it was completely cooked.

" hurts!" Tang Wanruo suddenly fell on the ground and moaned.

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Chu Shaoyan was helpless, swiped it vigorously, and then suddenly bit her earball: "It's not rare to charm it, can it charm you?"
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Could it be that her brain was hit violently, so... Or, she pretended to be so, cheated her trust, and finally carried out a certain conspiracy?
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"Good strategy!" Chu Shaoyan applauded, "It is a good move to set fire to the 'Royal II'. However, the 'Royal II' has armed personnel standing guard, and it is difficult for the police to enter. This must be resolved. According to Investigate what the Armed Police Commander Xi Zhongxiang has completely thrown into the embrace of 'Royal No. 2', causing us great trouble!"
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"Then why is she..." Chu Shaoyan frowned.
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Yan Huijun was frightened and angry, turned around, and hit Chu Shaoyan's temple with his right hand as quickly as a rabbit!
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Afterwards, Chu Shaoyan drove out of the Ryukyu House Sanlian Association branch hall in Xu Dahui's extended Lincoln. At this time, the city at night was shuttled back and forth under the neon lights, which seemed to show the wealth and prosperity of the city.
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Chu Shaoyan finally broke down completely, grabbed Zidie, pushed her and Liu Xiyao out of the room, then hugged Yan Shuya, and threw her onto the bed beside her.
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As she spoke, she gently stroked the back of Chu Shaoyan's hand, feeling his body temperature: "I remember when I was young, my father loved me very much. He rarely came home in the army, but every time he came back he would buy me nice clothes I bought a lot of delicious fruit snacks and toys. At that time, my neighbors were very envious of my family, and my classmates were also very envious of me. I remember that time, my father had just retired and bought me a pair of riding boots with gold silk edges from the capital. ..."
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