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"Ask our clansmen, abandoning the sacrifices of the past, what have we got, nothing! The sun god is not Yandi, the sun god is the sun god, Yandi is Yandi, Yandi is dead! Dead! Listen! Do you understand? You are the son of the sun, we respect you very much, we praise your fire, but you... are not the new Emperor Yan yet."

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Yu Qiang repelled Nv Ren, and Beihai's murderous aura followed one after another, one higher than the other, and ten layers of murderous aura spread in an instant. At the same time, seeing the angry Chisongzi, Yu Qiang said:

"We thought you were the people of Cangwu, so we attacked."

The Qin and Han Dynasties were completely private ownership of land...

The people of Cangwu appeared. They came out of the city and spread out in all directions. Countless tribal people were being driven away and gathered into a river.

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