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It is an absolute forbidden place, except for a very small number of people who have obtained permission, even if they live in the first rank, they are not qualified to visit this place. ...

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"Where is the strong man coming again? No, this seems to be an extremely high-level blood power... Yes, it seems to be the dragon power of a real dragon!"

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More than a dozen white-robed fairies were reduced to ashes in the flames.

"And he just said that when I visited Jianzong in disguise sixteen years ago, he just happened to be watching?"

"Don't you just look better! What's the big deal!?"

【That is the burial copper coffin refined by the demon god Bo Xun. I don’t know how many powerful beings have been devoured. Wherever it passes, all spirits will retreat. How come it becomes...】

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The bone giant glanced at Shui Qingyan coldly, and grabbed An Ran with his big hand.

Of course, it is impossible for An Ran to have learned the printing method, but she has seized the control of the Immortal Mansion in just three or two strokes!


"In the information Jianzong gave us, there is not only the portrait of the city lord, but also the mana fluctuation certification of the city lord."

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