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【how to pay us bank mortgage with money gram 】 Can't even say a word. 。

Lu Xi and Deng Chang are sitting next to each other at the two corners of the square coffee table. In front of each of them is a glass of Russian specialty drink "Kvass", a roast chicken with a crispy brown skin that seems to be still squeaking, and grilled on a hanging rack. The rib meat is crispy and soft, hanging tremblingly on the bone, and there is a plate of creamy baked mix.

The figure of the boy under the streetlight is very thin, but the moonlight and streetlights gathered on him lovingly, reminding Deng Chang of the scene he had only seen in comics.

Lucy looked at them, then at Cui Xiao.

Before he could finish speaking, he was hugged in his arms from behind.

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In the video two days ago, Huang Bin said that Crane City would come to participate in the national championship this year, but Lu Xi didn't expect it to be He Wenbo. He said it meanly, but he was actually very pleasantly surprised.
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-【Photo of Lu Xi sleeping in the classroom of Deng Chang School】
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Next year, that is, February 2018 will be the Winter Olympics. The four-year event is the supreme top-level event in the minds of every athlete, especially for figure skating, which has a short flowering period.
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"Why can't you call me Xiao at the age of seventeen?" Lu Xi really laughed this time, "My name is Xiao Xi, why can't you call me Xiao Chang?"
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Lucy's well-behaved and beautiful appearance has a dazzling and frivolous spirit because of the slight smile on his face:
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Deng Chang didn't speak, looking a little helpless.
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Only he and Deng Chang have experienced the "cultivation", what is that?
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"Wow, I am indeed Deng Shen." Duan Chengzhang's address changed, "Can ordinary people sit at this table?"
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