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【guaranteed online payday loan direct lender 】 "Wash and sleep." 。

"I blame me this time because I was too careless, and there will never be a next time."

"Small injury?"

"This is the biggest, you should lose weight."

He was not feeling well, and his temper was not very good. Regardless of whether Song Jing ate or not, he was asked to leave. The aunt immediately took the bowl of chicken soup down. Qin Mo put his hands on the table, closed his eyes and took a deep breath to suppress the nausea just now. It felt like he opened his eyes and saw the person who was looking at him, his tone was not very good, even with a bit of a sneer;

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"When will it be over?"
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Knowing that the ordinary avatar technique might not be able to deceive Mo Lingxiao, Su Nian had no choice but to cut his wrist and let out blood, using the blood as a medium to create a phantom avatar.
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Qin Mo closed his eyes for a while, trying to hide the ruthlessness in his eyes;
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"To give a simple example, do you really consider the place you live as a home? Or is it just a temporary place to live? If it is a home, you will unconsciously add things to make it look like you and he like it, Of course, this is only one aspect. What I mean is that you have to act, you can’t just stay on the level of thinking, who is Qin Mo? With that kind of thinking and means, he didn’t do anything to you after you did what you did before. This means that he can't let you go, he still has you in his heart, and you, don't worry about your face, you have to throw away your face, understand?"
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Did you guess the boss behind?
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Reaching out to take Su Nian into his arms, Mo Lingxiao hugged Su Nian tightly, stroking Su Nian's trembling back, "It's me, I'm back, sorry for keeping you waiting. "
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"Smear a little on your stomach. You see, this essential oil is wasted if you don't use it. May I help you apply a little?"
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"I'll turn it down a little bit, you sleep, I'm sure it won't affect you this time."
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