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【apply for personal bank loan online 】 After getting the big game and the harvest of the small grain, people will gather around the edge of the bonfire, and the wise man in the tribe, that is, the wizard, will lead everyone to do some strange prayer movements, and some specific people will go up to dance. Today's tribe is still There is this kind of activity, but the name for this kind of activity is "sacrifice dance", or "sacred dance", not "play". 。

But Dayi always remembered his name, his name was "Jin", he told Dayi that he was a homeless tourist, he lived alone in the mountains, his tribe had been attacked and destroyed long ago, his name When he saw the sun, his father took it for him, which means chasing the sun forward.

It is actually very profitable to exchange this thing with an oil press. Compared with a complete bed crossbow, the oil press is actually not considered "high-tech", but as a food production tool, its status In this era, it is still higher than this kind of big killer.

"This is the relic jade. After a thousand years, the pine branches will turn into poria cocos, after another thousand years, they will turn into amber, and after another thousand years, they will turn into relic jade."

"He's quite an interesting person, so let's go to Chifang's to take a look."

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Emperor Yan supported Concubine Zai up, his palms and his whole body were filled with torrents of flames, but it was not hot, only endless love and sadness.
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"And the two birds fought until they were scarred, and were easily caught..."
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Yan Fou and the others immediately pointed at the elephant and laughed at it, but the old patriarch said that if they brought the four of them in, the mess that happened first would definitely not end like this, but the beating can no longer be done, but after all, there was Xun Shan's introduction I believe that people come from thousands of miles to recruit workers, so how to arrange it, you still need to discuss it with your concubine.
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Yan Zai took over the simple sacrificial clothing, but although it is simple, it is a garment that witnesses the new era and has great significance.
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Chi Tang was silent for a while, puzzled and said: "How can you be sure, it is because the Central Plains is going to hand over the position of the Emperor of Heaven, so you think we will suffer disaster when we go over?"
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And it wasn't just the soldiers defending the city who heard the sound of the drums and were suddenly beaten to death! This is especially true for the side that is besieging the city!
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"Dedicate our lives to our cause, and show our will to God!"
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