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【how does a new home construction loan work 】 King Yuyi summoned him many times, asking him why he had not returned so late. Now there are many signs of demon servants making trouble in the king's territory, so he should return as soon as possible. 。

Huang Chenhou directly showed the Yuchen Whip, the immortal soldier of the Seven Realms, and the five five-rank enshrined, also shot instantly.

There are very few forces that can produce ten balls of Gu essence at once, the Immortal Dynasty, the Three Great Immortal Palaces, and the Six Kings are the only ten forces.

Don't let Su Hou take the initiative to knock on the door!

The main hall of Suhou Mansion.

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King Yuyi was eating the cherry fruit, and a maid walked into the palace slowly, and handed over a stack of documents in her hand: "My lord, here are all the documents about Su Ran."
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Old Demon explained: "Jueyang grew up from Juyue, and Juyue's abilities are uneven. When she breaks through Jueyang, she can't choose the domain power she expects, and some domain powers are not high in strength and upper limit.
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As everyone knows.
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Five immortals surrounded Su Ran.
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When he was causing trouble in Leigong City as a thousand demons, Invincible Poison Domain was still his hole card, but now his hole card has become the power of the source of thunder.
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This incident also reminded Su Ran that Jiuyue Jiyu is extremely special, and some powerful beings have noticed the extraordinary, so he must be cautious in the future.
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A shocking thunder suddenly exploded in the air and fell straight to Su Ran.
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Demon Heart Cult, Demon Servant!
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