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【small business loan help 】 "Nanping, now we finally meet again, I will never leave you again, we will be together forever..." 。

Chu Shaoyan called Shangguan Zetian, Guan Nuoxue, and Ye Jinlin, and closed the door to tell the story.

So, soon there were shrill screams and obscene begging for mercy in the night sky...

"Near the police station?" Wen Zhengming sneered slightly, "Why did I receive a report saying that you came out of the Huangtian bathing place before? And some citizens rushed you out of the bathing place in disheveled clothes, and a few women in disheveled clothes shouted after you The video has been sent to my phone!"

very well-dressed girl said coldly. Compared with Shangguan Lingjiao and his gang, who are young, sexy and beautifully dressed, this group of people is much more trendy: her navel ring, nose ring, tongue ring, and a dozen or so earrings; Mohawk hair, upturned braids, and even yin and yang hair with half shaved off; girls mainly wear camisole tops, miniskirts, and hot pants that are too small, while most boys wear trendy hip-hop clothing .

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Wu Tianhao said word by word: "It should be the armed police. Brother, the armed police are armed to the teeth, almost a front-line military force. Do you want to bring someone to fight with the army?"
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"This task right now, take it! You have to complete the task assigned by the Commission for Discipline Inspection within one day!" Suddenly Luo Zhifeng shouted decisively, then picked up the materials and threw them into Chu Shaoyan's hands: "You guys complete it together!"
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"Miss Bai, to be honest, what do you like about Chu Shaoyan?" Liang Wanruo sighed inwardly and asked in a low voice.
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"It can be seen that Mr. Chu is a very proud man." Dongying Beauty said with a smile.
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As he spoke, he took out his phone, walked away and contacted Hu Dongchen, the criminal investigation detachment leader of the Binjiang Branch.
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Chu Shaoyan handled it very well, and coincidentally, Wei Huatong is an extremely suspicious and self-willed person, and his advantage is that he likes to grasp the truth. But once this "truth" is confirmed, unfortunately he will be stubborn to a terrible degree!
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"Father!" Luo Yun stood in front of Chu Shaoyan again, staring at his father and screaming angrily, "What do you want to do? Do you really want to kill him and his daughter?"
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Just after hanging up the phone, the door creaked open behind her, and Zidie said quietly: "You must drive me away from you to be reconciled?"
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