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Just when An Ran's brows were gradually furrowed, that Changyuan Xingjun Mu suddenly took the initiative to ask: ... what is the maximun i can make and dedicut my student loan interest?

test. student loan went through bankruptcy, why am i getting contacted now [God Mother Project, Taisu Altar? I have never heard of the Godmother’s plan, but the Taisu Altar is one of the five congenital altars. The world was first opened, and the original matter was conceived. It has both form and quality. It is Taisu. Vegetarian altar? 】 ….

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Many thoughts flashed through his mind. .

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If I had to find a description, it would probably be... ...

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She quickly activated the jade talisman, and An Ran's voice came to her ears immediately: "Senior Sister Bai Xi, someone will break into the Heavenly Yin Realm by force, you don't need to stop her, just let her go."

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And in the center of the seven Dao Realms are the Dao Flower, Dao Fruit, and Dao Palace of young Nanming!

"In this era, the end of the avenue will be born." She said.

At the same time, the land of the open sky...

Among the ancient mountains, ancient temples broke through the ground, clearing away the mist of time, and extremely powerful immortals stepped out, their eyes lit up, gazing at the new universe that is merging and expanding.

The giant panda Panpan turned over, raised his hand and licked his buttocks, his eyes showed doubts: "The blow that Uncle sent... unexpectedly hit the target now?"

But An Ran made a sudden move, which greatly disrupted their plans.

The weight of a person at the end of the avenue is indeed enough to disturb the Xiantian Palace!

"Too...too beginning?"

When Baidi spoke, he was always outspoken.

An Ran thought for a while, and found a relatively reasonable explanation. .

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Facing the astonishment on Baidi's face, An Ran couldn't help laughing and said: "When I found the body of Tianyin Xingjun, I also accidentally came across the note left by Tianyin Empress from the last cosmology, two eras, two Tianyin Xingjun , but died in the same place in the end, do you think this is a coincidence of fate, or is it destined in the dark?" .

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