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How do you fight a Gu Immortal of the same level who has He Gu without Healing Gu? ... what is the best bank to get a loan from

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how do you calculate the principal on a loan? how to get a loan from regions bank .The death of a ninth-rank Gu controller prevented the army of Gu controllers from exploring deeper underground. Instead, they shrunk their defenses and set up secret sentries in various locations. Most of the Gu controllers stayed outside the fog zone. .

"Is there any chance or no chance? At worst, I will use the Explosive Domain Technique to attack him. Anyway, I just turned around. I can retrain when my cultivation base is gone. I don't care about my current cultivation base." Yue Nuer said casually. .

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"Space type Gu worm!" ...

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Moving the stone armor aside and wiping the ground clean, Su Ran saw the words all over the ground, all carved by Sheng Feixian.

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Even the Guchun tribe in the Yueyue Region started to retreat ahead of time, retreating to the Weihai Sea, no longer struggling.

"Is Changqing Zi dissipated?" Su Ran asked again after putting away the healing Gu.

To upgrade Xingyan Gu to rank nine requires about one hundred and twenty.

Qu Jinghong is walking the road of invincibility, and his combat power is even more terrifying.

Rumble! !

Su Ran looked at the deeper fog area.

The battle between the sons, looking at the strength, among the fifteen sons, only the eldest son and the second son are rank three Gu Immortals, with the greatest advantage, the other sons are all below rank three, Bei Gonghen is a rank two Gu Immortal, on the Strength, in fact, is not Su Ran's opponent.

But this is not the end, Jue Yue seems to have a special liking for the Demon Heart Sutra, when Chuyang Immortal obtained the Demon Heart Sutra outside the territory, he had already been known by a group of fairy-level Juyue, and then, the immortal-level Juyue led a large number of ninth-rank Juyue Crossing the treacherous sea to the Central Territory, and aggressively attacking the Central Territory.

Old Xi is also coughing up blood, he has just entered the fifth rank, and it is too reluctant to fight five ninth rank Gu controlers.

"well." .

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Su Ran chuckled: "Of course I have a killer move. I used this move to kill Chang Qingzi a few months ago. You have to be careful." .

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