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【mortgage loan originator license california online school 】 On the third floor, Su Ran finally met Feng Jieren's dream lover, Jiuxian'er. 。

The three heads are all smiling.

"How is it possible? After receiving so many counterattacks, even if the counterattack power of one blow is limited, it is impossible to have no impact under the superposition. It should be a big drop in defense. Why did my attack Gu worms still can't hurt his internal organs?"

The crowd waved their hands and got emotional.

Kui Ying's figure was a bit embarrassed, with two iron boxes on her back, mud was everywhere on her body, and her face was very haggard.

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This is obviously a guilty conscience.
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And after Qiao Feng retreated twenty steps, Ouyang Qing put one hand on his back, and the two retreated another ten steps before they stopped.
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Since Gui Yuanxin was not worried that Long Hengwu would take the opportunity to make trouble, Su Ran also had to take care of it, and chased after Jue Yue.
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Feng Jieren drank his wine and kept his ears shut, only glancing at Jiu Xian'er occasionally.
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Of course, the cowhide fertilizer that has been strengthened ten times is no longer a normal cowhide fertilizer.
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Su Ran understood the reason for the deaths of Yuan Batian and the others.
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On the stage, the four eyes met.
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Su Ran caught some Spirit Gu by himself, Mother Gu and Lei Wang also caught a lot, and these Spirit Gu finally fell into Su Ran's hands.
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