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After doing this, Ye Zuoyou stood up. .

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Ye Zuoyou was still at the end just like yesterday, his eyes fell on Liu Qi's muddy shoes, and he asked casually, "Walk a long way to pick wild fruits this morning?" ...

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"Slow down."

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"Want to?"

"What's going on?" Xie Yi frowned and asked.

Ye Zuoyou was about to get up to join him, when Zhang Ming came over and said, "You haven't eaten anything today, have you?" He handed forward the leaf-wrapped food in front of him, "This is what we hunted this morning." Mountain antelope."

Xia Lei said, "Kill it?"

Ye Zuoyou came back with a pot of water. Liu Qi had already set up an iron pot on the fire. Seeing him coming back, he took the pot and poured water into the pot.

The three looked at Xie Yi's back with great interest.

"Your sister, your brain circuit is really unusual."

Ye Zuoyou swept away another python, and finally found the escape pod button on Liu Qi's right arm. He grabbed dozens of pythons and threw them aside, and opened the escape pod quickly.

"Daddy, baby daddy."

Now that the cubs have been found with great difficulty, the wolves will definitely separate some of the fang wolves to take the cubs back to a safe forest. .

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The other presidents joked one by one, fearing that the world would not be in chaos. Who would have thought that the one who got the first chance to draw the lottery just now would draw the sixth one away. .

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