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【title cash loan online 】 "Anyway, it's impossible for me to agree, you guys go back!" Leaving this sentence, Meng Zhenghao ignored the three of them, turned around and left. 。

Eiffel still stood aside and waited for him, the head of the family, to sit at the long table. Eiffel's mother still did not come out. Lei Zhe knew that the woman was embarrassed to see him, and not long after his father passed away, Eiffel's mother also Did not wake up from the grief.

"Nicaro is ahead. Don't go there for the next battle. I will lead the knights to meet the Marquis."

At this moment, looking at the dumpling who was still greedily sucking up the spiritual energy, Ye Zuoyou suddenly stopped being angry.

Seeing the top from the bottom is a concern, and seeing the bottom from the top is common sense, but at this time it is obviously impossible to follow common sense.

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"The north will be completely independent. Even if the king wants to manage it, he can't mobilize troops to go north. After a long time, it won't take long for Osborne to completely control the entire north and establish a new kingdom."
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Sweat dripped from his forehead. It was true that he was a fifth-level knight, but he might not be Colmar's opponent in a frontal battle, not to mention that Rost had other fourth-level knights.
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The long cry just made by the giant elephant consumed the aura contained in its body.
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"Okay, let's settle down in Rost for now, but there is currently no house suitable for you to live in, your body shape..."
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【Most likely. 】
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Xie Yi guessed, "It should be about team formation."
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Hearing what Lei Zhe said, Lilith lowered her head and remained silent. If not long ago, she would have deceived Lei Zhe and sneaked out, but now she doesn't want to escape, she doesn't know what to do next.
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Although he has not arrived at the destination yet, Ye Zuoyou is certain that something unacceptable must have happened to the elephant herd, otherwise they would not have honked for such a long time.
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