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【10% interest back free joining citi simplicity+ credit card 】 Chu Shaoyan asked: "Have you figured out what the enemy is going to attack?" 。

But the real purpose of all the disciples is to join the major alliances of Xuantian Authentic Sect disciples!

Xia Gan seemed to let out a long chant, and the sword in his hand was no longer a sword, but a thunderbolt, turning everything into dust!

"You are doomed today! Our four kings are gathered together! Even God will bow to me!"

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"Huh? This is momentum!"
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The clothes on these three people turned out to be disciples of Guiyuan Daozong, the leader of the five major sects!
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"Really not! It is said that the entire sect has existed for thousands of years, and the best result of each freshman in breaking through the trial tower is the terrifying tenth floor. This is the record of all freshmen! So far, Xia Gan and Bai Liuyun have not touched it yet! But they can Once you step into the ninth floor, you can already challenge this miracle!"
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The blade of the sword collided with sparks!
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"Xiao Luo, I heard that you are very familiar with Team Chu, Huading's bodyguard?" Wu Hongda picked up the cigarette case and smoked one and threw it to him, with a slight smile on his face.
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It has to be said that the outer area of the Longmen battlefield is huge. Even if he drove for a day, he only walked less than one-third of it.
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"There's no cure! It's a pity that you can't even try to be kind..."
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Especially the dozen or so new members who came here!
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