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Only then did Xia Lei discover Ye Zuoyou's abnormality, and he hurried forward: "I'll help you there."

"What are you talking about, Boss Song, you see more people."

"Oh, it's okay, it's not hurting anymore, it's not hurting anymore, what do you think this is? Does it sound good?"

"I was wrong, I really didn't think you were tossing around, I was just afraid that you were too tired going to and from the bathroom, and you still couldn't sleep well. If you don't like it, we don't need it. Hold the medicine and take it easy. When you get better, how do you want to take a nap?" I can do it."

Qin Mo had just come out of the hospital, and his body was a little out of shape. After sitting outside for a long time like this, he would show a bit of fatigue. It's just that he was reluctant to bear the sunshine outside, so he kept basking in the sun. A few days ago, he I just watched Xiao Chengzi and this guy not knowing what to say from time to time, without telling him, the board of directors Song Jing didn't go today, it must be the two of them who discussed it.

Noticing the movement on the other side, Song Yu'an glanced at him: "Are you awake?"

When he said this, Song Jing slapped her legs as if thinking of something;

"Knead it, just rub it, it's fine."

In the middle of the night, the group finally arrived at the territory of the parasitic white worm.

Song Jing looked up, the stitches on Qin Mo's wound were just about to be removed two days ago, and now Xiao Chengzi weighed seven catties, so I was afraid that he would press the wound, but today is the child's full moon, so he really couldn't refuse Qin Mo's pair of eyes. Eye. .

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Ye Zuoyou looked at Cao Rui: "I am very concerned about something, so I want to ask you." .

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